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While running for the NC House, I received endorcements from all 20 County Commissioners, both Democrat and Republican, in the 4 County District. I hope to do the same as I run for NC Senate District 50. 


“I can’t think of anyone in this district that is more qualified than Kevin Corbin to represent us in Raleigh. He will hit the ground running and do great things for far Western North Carolina.”

– Rep. Roger West, NC House of Representatives

“I am so happy Kevin is running for NC House. He has the knowledge, and the experience to get the job done. We are fortunate that he is willing to run and serve.”

– Ashley Welch, District Attorney
– Also pictured are (L-R): Gary Shields, Kevin Corbin, Robbie Holland, and Fred Goldsmith

We the undersigned, have endorsed Kevin Corbin for the NC House of Representatives, District 120

National Rifle Association
National Federation of Independent Business
North Carolina Board of Realtors
North Carolina Dental Society
North Carolina Police Benevolent Association
North Carolina Right To Life, Inc. PAC
BB&T Bank
Independent Agents of NC

Dr Dan Eichenbaum – Cherokee County
Roy Dickey – Cherokee County Commissioner
Dr Rob Peck – Clay County
Jacob Nelms – Graham County Commissioner
Kevin Corbin – Macon County Commissioner
CB McKinnon, Cherokee County Commission Chair
Cal Stiles, Cherokee County Commissioner
Gary Westmorland, Cherokee County Commissioner
Keith Eller, Graham County Commission Chair
Connie Orr, Graham County Commissioner
Raymond Williams, Graham County Commissioner
Lynn Cody, Graham County Commissioner
Gary Shields, Macon County Commissioner
Jim Tate, Macon County Commissioner
Paul Higdon, Macon County Commissioner
Ronnie Beale, Macon County Commissioner
Randy Nichols, Clay County Commissioner
Clay Logan, Clay County Commissioner
Ed Roach, Clay County Commissioner
Robert Penland, Clay County Commissioner
Robert Holland, Macon County Sheriff